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Dressmaking is the art and craft of designing and making dresses. The clothes made are usually based on a design that a dressmaker proposes. In some cases, you may suggest that a certain design be tried out. Many people indulge in fashion design to derive satisfaction and pleasure in trying out something new. To some, it is a means of acquiring an item of clothing that is customised to specific body type or needs. Taking dressmaking classes can enable you to acquire essential tailoring skills.

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How to learn dressmaking

At home

Self-study program based on a book is a low-cost method you can use to learn dressmaking at the comfort of your home. Some of the skills you can acquire using this method are sewing and designing dresses.

First, you will need to obtain a sewing or dressmaking book from your local library or bookstore. Spare some time to learn and study the fundamentals of sewing. The very first topics to be learnt will in most cases include cutting and pinning fabrics, using a sewing machine, understanding commercial tailor patterns and basic tailoring stitches. Practice the various techniques you have learnt until you are comfortable with them.

Use a dressmaker form or ask a friend to act as a fit model for the various designs you plan on trying. This will enable you to develop fine fitting techniques, which is a vital aspect in successful dressmaking.

Pay attention to the various sewing techniques as your skills develop. Ensure you are confident and comfortable with each skill before starting on a new technique. Some of the advanced techniques you may encounter include handling knit fabrics and various seam finishes. Others include lining clothes such as trousers and jackets, and techniques involved in fabric manipulation such as pin tucking and smocking.

Ask some of your family members to pose as your customers. Get them to choose any garment they wish and let them place an order. Sew the garment according to the person's figure and continue working on any alterations until they are comfortable with your design. Make sure you take notes on any alterations made for future reference. Continue learning new skills and master old ones. This increases confidence and widens the variety of garments you can create


Some of the online options you can join include forums, freebies and classes. Freebies involve free online tailoring books mostly intended for beginners. The book contains illustrations, diagrams and glossaries of embroidery and hand-sewing stitches. Here, free online lessons begin with assembling sewing tools followed with selecting and making fabrics and patterns. In addition, a project is assigned to practice specific stitching skills.

Online classes are also an alternative. Most sites offering this service will require that you pay a fee to book a class. Afterwards, pictures, instructions and a chat room will be provided to assist in learning. Most dressmaking classes run for a month.

Sewing forums assist in obtaining answers to certain questions concerning dressmaking. They also give ideas on sewing.

Overall, dressmaking is best acquired by combining academic study with hands-on practice.